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Rain's Guide to LotRO Housing - Animal Trophies

Certain creatures in Middle Earth drop trophies that a skilled taxidermist in Bree Town can transform into decorations for you home. Radagst the Brown does not necessarily approve of this practice, but if the creature was killed out of necessity he offers you, regretfully, his understanding.

The following trophies are available:

Undamaged Barghest Corpse - Found on the barghests in the Fields of Fornost
Undamaged Black Bear Corpse - Found on the bears in the Old Forest
Undamaged Brown Bear Corpse - Found on the bears in the North Downs, near Esteldin
Undamaged Cave Troll Corpse - Found on the cave trolls in Goblin Town
Undamaged Warg Corpse - Found on the wargs in Evendim
Undamaged White Wolf Corpse - Found on the wolves in High Pass

For pictures of the items made from these trophies, visit Rain's Decorating Guide.

This thread on the official forums was very helpful in compiling this list.