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Rain's Guide to LotRO Housing - Heroic Trophies

After you and your comrades have defeated a particularly challenging foe, you may find that your opponent leaves behind an item that a skilled taxidermist in Bree Town can transform into a trophy for your home. It really is rude to brag, but who can blame you for wanting a small memento from slaying a Balrog. Just don't name your spoils "precious" - or you might find heroes coming to knock on your door...

The following trophies are available:

Arm of Lagmas - Urugarth (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Ferndur's Skull - Imlad Balchorth (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Head of Bogbereth - Angmar (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Ivar's Banner - Garth Agarwen (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Mirror of Mordirith - Carn Dum (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Naruhel's Dress - Garth Agarwen (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Remmenaeg's Armour - Fornost (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Sambrog's Helm - Othrongroth (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Skull of Thorog - Helegrod (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Tentacle of Helchgam - Carn Dum (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Thaurlach's Blade - The Rift (Lorebook) (MMODB)

Udunion's Swords - Barad Gularan (Lorebook) (MMODB)

For pictures of the items made from these trophies, visit Rain's Decorating Guide.

This thread on the official forums was very helpful in compiling this list.