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Rain's Guide to LotRO Housing - Buying a House

To purchase a Standard or Deluxe house in Lord of the Rings Online you need to be level 15. If you wish to purchase a Kinship house, you also need to be the leader of a kinship that has reached Rank 7. Only one character on your account can own a Standard or Deluxe house, and only one character in your kinship can own a kinship house.

Houses are located in instanced neighborhoods. Each neighborhood instance has 4 Kinship houses, 10 Deluxe houses, and 6 Standard houses. In additon, there are four different types of housing instances, one for each race of Middle Earth.

Your first decision is whether you want to live in a Dwarven, Elven, Hobbit, or Human neighborhood. There are no racial restrictions on which neighborhood you choose. The primary advantage of choosing one neighborhood over another is that neighborhood's proximity to one of the capital cities. Scholars, for instance, may want to be near Duillond for the purpose of picking up their consignmnets. Beyond that, choosing a neighborhood is primarily an aesthetic decision. The architecture and lanscaping of the neighborhoods is typical of the races that designed them.

Once you decide what type of neighborhood you want, visit the housing broker for that race's housing district. The housing brokers are right next to the entrances to the neighborhood instances. The locations of each race's neighborhoods are given below:

Bree-land Housing Broker

Falathlorn Housing Broker

Shire Housing Broker

Thorin's Hall Housing Broker

The housing broker can tell you which neighborhoods have particular addresses available. To help you correlate addreses to individual houses, you can use these interactive maps (made by Trinity Divine and hosted by the Vault Network):

Bree-land Homesteads
Falathlorn Homesteads
Shire Homesteads
Thorin's Hall Homesteads

Typically, you can expect to spend about 1g for a Standard house, 7g for a Deluxe house, and 15g for a Kinship house. Houses with especially desireable locations cost slightly more (and have correspondingly higher maintenance costs). Maintenance is paid weekly, and is approximately 50s per week for a Standard, 150s per week for a Deluxe, and 300s per week for a Kinship.

Standard houses have the smallest number of "hooks" (slots for furniture and other decorations) and can only have one storage chest. Deluxe houses have considerably more hooks and the capacity for two storage chests. Kinship houses have a tremendous amount of hooks and can have up to three storage chests. A list of the number of each kind of hook is found here.

Once you have chosen your house, you can either buy it directly from the broker or you can visit it, take a tour, and purchase it by clicking on the For Sale sign out front.

After you have purchased it, any time that you are in the house or its yard your minimap will have twoo additional buttons. One allows you to pay maintenance, purchase chests, and grant access to the house (and its chests) to your friends. The other button allows you to enter "Decorating Mode." When you are in decorating mode you can right-click on your house's hooks to add or remove decorations.

When you are ready to start decorating, you may want to try our handy guide.